Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yep I'm still here

Hi Everyone.  Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately.  But I'm still here and still creating. I have been inspired by my fellow designers from Madeit and have been eagerly designing and testing a few new things, which I hope will be exciting additions to my shop before long.

So many ideas swirling through my head it is hard to decide which one I should do first.

Things are a bit slow at the moment as I am currently studying, or trying to study, for my Architectural Registration exam.  So fingers crossed that I pass this round of assessment so that my free time is freed up a bit more to focus on my Red Robin designs. I do enjoy having a break from study to get out the sewing kit and experiment for a bit...I just have to remember to put the sewing kit away and go back to the books...which is very hard.  But those who are also studying at the moment I would very much encourage a bit of creativity in between study to help stimulate the mind.

So watch this space and I will have some new creations very soon.  Check out my Madeit Shop for my current creations for sale now.  


  1. Hi, just wanted to congratulate your store for being featured in the recent Undiscovered Sellers newsletter.

  2. Thanks. YOu have no idea how excited I was to be listed. Was the cream on my Friday cake!!! Thanks for the support.