Thursday, 3 October 2013

Something new in the Spoonflower Shop

I have recently completed some new designs for my Spoonflower Shop.  Let me know what you think.  There are many more ideas bubbling away in my head which I hope to finish off soon.  In the upcoming designs I am trying to combine my love of Architecture with fabric to create some unique designs. Watch this space.... :) This may be the future for RedRobinCreations!!!!

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weekend Projects

New decor for our newly renovated house

We have recently had the floors polished in our house.  This was a big project.  Preparing the floors, removing old carpet, fixing floor boards and the dreaded packing up of the entire house.

It is now great to be back in our home.  The polished floors look wonderful and have taken 30yrs off the age of the house.  We are so happy with the results.

Now that we have finished this major project and moved most of our stuff back into the house, I felt it was finally time to put some personal touches into our new home.

Our Bedroom!!

My first project was to decorate our bedroom.  Previously our bedroom was a bit of a mess - sometimes a huge mess.  I wanted to improve the bedrooms vibe - make it cosy and somewhere for us.

I found some very simple decorating ideas to help with our bedroom situation.

1. Walls

Our walls are completely white or off white.  I wanted to add a bit of an interest point in the room.  My first thought was to paint the room - but who has time and I didn't want to risk spilling paint on the new floors. So instead I opted for a wall decal. Ebay is wonderful!  I found the kind of decal we were after from a seller in Sydney - follow this link.  The best part about wall decals is that if we get a bit bored with it, it can simply be removed without too much fuss.

2. Bed

I have never found a quilt cover I have been happy with - either too feminine or too guyish or just not right. So I thought why not make my own.  I found a link on Pinterest which led me to a great quilt idea.  A simple pin-tuck quilt.  Simple but just a bit of texture for interest. Follow this link to find the instructions.

3. Get the cloths off the floor

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of when I get changed or undressed, I tend to leave the clothes where they land - the floor.  The clothes basket in the bathroom seems too far away (3m is a long way late at night) and I can't be bother opening up the wardrobe to put them away if they don't need washing.  Simple solution - clothes rack.  It simply sits in the corner and does its job - holds you clothes for you.  We got ours from Howard's Storage World.  A bit expensive but worth it!  

4. The Results

A touch of Colour

As you may know from previous posts, I have started to design fabric.  It is still early days for me, but I thought I would take one of my designs for a bit of a road test and experiment with mix/match patterns.  My project was to add a bit of colour to our living room.  What better way than a couple of throw cushions.

I some  very simple instructions for cushion covers via Pinterest.  Follow this link to find the instructions.

Within 90mins I had made three feature cushions for our living area.  The colours match in great with our vivid blue Penang chair and look great against our chocolate brown couch.

Fabrics were selected form Spoonflower.

Tardis - From Plumcuckoo

Yellow Fabirc - From Tango and James which is no longer available :(

Granit Sett - From RedRobin - My own design :)

The overall effect is very pleasing.  Its nice to have made something yourself. Much more satisfying than buying off the shelf.

Don't forget to check out my Spoonflower Shop.  More designs will be available soon.

Now I shall have a week to think about what my next weekend project will be...and it will be a long weekend too so even more time to fill with fun projects!!!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Something New

Red Robin has a Fabric Collection!!!!

Find me on Spoonflower - Visit my Shop

I have decided to try something new - FABRIC DESIGN!!!

We are in the midst of doing some renovations at home at the moment so my craft space has been packed up.  So this gave me the opportunity to try something I have always wanted to experiment with. Turning patterns and pictures and scribbles into a design.  

Let me say, it is so much fun!! Fabric design is in some ways similar to my Architectural day job but in other ways very very different.  So I am still developing some skills and learning about design.

I found Spoonflower, which is a huge collection of designs uploaded by some very wonderful designers.  It gives you free range to design what you like, and not just fabric, but wallpaper, wrapping paper and decals.  


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Recent Activity

I'm Back!!!!!!

Hi everyone.  I guess you all thought I have disappeared.  Well I am here and have been very busy and have lots to fill you in on.  This may be a long read!!!

I have had a very busy year.  My partner, Cameron, and I bought our first house just over a year ago.  So the last year has been filled with the process of settling in and doing those things that always need doing around the house in order to make it our own.  Big plans always take time.

But my most exciting news (and the reason for this post) is that Cameron and I got married a month ago.  The past few months have been a bit of a whirl wind but It has been full of excitement and lots of fun things....and lots of crafty things.

 From the outset of our engagement we were determined to do things our way.  We didn't want the  big production so commonly associated with weddings these days.  Its not really our thing.  All we wanted was just something simple and personal, with our closest family and friends.  I think in the end we pulled it off :)  Anyway, we decided on a very short engagement - by todays standards - just 4.5 months.  Plenty of time for us to put together something which was truly a Cameron and Maree kind of wedding.

Me being me I wanted to do a lot of the wedding stuff myself - Invitations, Decorations and even make my bouquet, the boys and dads button holes and corsages my sister and for the mothers.  As usual I may have bit off more than I could chew.  But I really wanted the day to be something special to us and individual for us.

Picking the place to get married was easy.  It was the first place we looked at - Kholo Botanical Gardens.  Perfect place for a small outdoor ceremony and modest reception afterwards.  Although our plans of an outdoor wedding were interrupted by the weather on the day - but the little house was perfect for both ceremony and reception.

Once the venue and guest list was sorted.  The fun began - well the crafty fun began :-)  

As you read this you may pick up on the theme for the wedding.


First up was making the invites.  I wanted to do something simple but different.  you should know that my biggest resource that I drew inspiration from was Pinterest.  Most amazing site ever invented.

I discovered a couple of examples of a booklet type invitation and thought 'Thats what we want".   The booklet contained all the details for the wedding, reception, venue and also included an RSVP card all in one little package.  As we had set our wedding date for April, I decided on a kind of Rustic Autumn theme....sort of.  For the invites a chose a selection of Autumn images (sourced from google images of course). Each leaflet featured a different.  To bring it all together I put a front and rear cover on the invites made from some old linen fabric Mum had had packed away for many years.  I cut the fabric to size, covered it in paper mache glue to add stiffness then frayed the edges for some texture and stenciled our initials on the cover and heart on the back.  The cover and leaflet pages were then clasped together with a ribbon and gold pin.  I chose recycled paper envelopes to finish off the invitations.  


Next was deciding on decorations.  We had decided on an afternoon tea type reception, very informal and it meant that people were free to mingle rather than having fixed place settings.

Table Settings:  Once again the idea was for something simple.  However I was very much interested in the decorations being something that could also be a keep sake for our guests.  My big vision was to have very floral table arrangements, with lots of fabric flowers of various shapes, sizes and fabrics contained within painted soup tins.  Once the reality of how many flowers (500+) I would need to make sunk in, I decided on a slightly more modest table setting.  So I made one fabric flower per guest (45 in total) which, was a much more manageable number.

The flowers were all made from a variety of fabric in a range of colours and textures  - ivory, cream, champagne, chiffon, nylon etc.  I hunted the internet for DIY fabric flower instructions but in the end I just made it up as I go. My method was to twist fabric around on  itself and gluing at regular intervals to hold it all together.  Then add wire for a stem and cover with florists tape.  Flowers Done.

I went with a rustic looking vase to put the flowers in.  I had a crew of people collecting tins for me - mostly 400g canned tomato tins or similar.  We sprayed these in a selection of Autumn colours - terracotta, cream, white and copper. When I say we, I really mean my dad  (who has recently retired) sprayed all the cans for me.  Thanks Dad!!  To fill out the vases we made rustic posies with fresh flowers from the market - daisies, roses, lilums, tea tree, gum leaves and babies breath.  Renee and I whipped these posies together the day before the wedding.  Big thanks to Renee!!!   To go with the Rustic Autumn theme, I decided agains the stark white caterers table cloth and went with calico fabric for the table cloths.  All rough cut.  It gave the tables a much softer informal look.  As a bit of colour I had a red floral table runner across the tables which worked well with the tins and calico.  

Gifts and Guest Book Table: Nothing Complicated here - in fitting with my theme of course - Simple and Modest!  Dad resurrected my Grandfathers old school port which made a perfect cards box.  A timber vase, my parents had given me as a graduation present many years ago, made for a nice feature on the table also.  I purchased a handmade guest book from the US featuring handmade paper with a leaf motif.  A special mention to Cameron who purchased a lovely timber pen whilst in Tasmania on holiday.  We used this for signing the registry and for our guest book. A lovely keepsake.  In amongst all this I painted some small canvases with blackboard paint to make little signs.  Came together nicely! 

Cake: Special thanks to my sister who made our lovely and delicious wedding cake.  Check out her Facebook Page - Ginger Sweet Cupcakes Cakes and Figurines and to my dad who made our cake stand from a metal serving tray and glass vase glued together and spray painted. Nice one Dad!!  All other decorations were items that we already had in our living room.

Bouquet, Buttonholes and Corsages: 
As you may have guessed by now I made my bouquet, buttonholes for the men and corsages for the ladies.  I really wanted to make flower arrangements that could be kept.  In the beginning progress was slow making all of the flowers for the decorations which meant making the bouquet, buttonholes and corsages was left a bit late - but I work best under pressure.  So the flowers for my bouquet and the corsages were made in the the last few weeks leading up to the wedding and then finally assembled in the week before the wedding.

The Bouquet.  For the bouquet and corsage flowers I used a stiff synthetic fabric in ivory - I'm not sure exactly what the material was in the end, as I sourced it from the scrap bin at the local fabric shop.  The flowers were really simple to make.  Cut circles in different sizes, make a few nicks around the edges and then (the fun and slightly dangerous part) hold the fabric over a candle to singe and curl the edges.  The nicks in the fabric allow the fabric to curl and make the petals.  Much much care is needed when burning synthetic fabric - it catches alight very easily and can melt a bit.  Definitely not suitable as a kids activity.  I then stacked the curled fabric circles on top of each other (approx ten per flower depending on size) and sewed together.  For a bit of bling I sewed some pearls and beads in the centres of the flowers.  Stems were then fixed to the black for the bouquet flowers and a ribbon glued on for the corsages.  Renee finished off my bouquet stem for me, by wrapping all the individual flower stems in calico and then covering in lace.  I am really happy with the result. Plus I can now keep my bouquet forever.

For the button holes, I did a bit of a google search for ideas and decided on a 'make it up as I go along' design.  I made rosettes using ivory chiffon as a starting point.  Then added a stems.  As a backing for the flower I cut some red satin in a leaf shape and burnt the edges similar to the flower (minus making nicks along the edges).  A rosette was sewn to the leaf and the edges of the leaf wrapped around the stem.  For a bit of bling I added some beads running down the stem and wrapped some thread around the ends.  Done!  They looked really great on the day.

The End: 
I was really happy with how everything turned out.  I was really happy to be able to get everything together with the help of my support crew.  We had a great Wedding Day.  I really enjoyed it - great setting, great group of people, great food, great photographer....oh and great Husband!!!

Some pics from the day.

Very Special thanks to:

Our Parents - helping to organise, arrange and lend a hand.
My sister Renee - best maid of honour, best cake, plus she looked amazing - Ginger Sweet Cupcakes Cakes and Figurines
Kerri - My cheif organiser/co-ordinator on the day
Daniel - driver, music man, prep photographer
Cuisine on Cue - wonderful food, great staff
Samantha Rowe Photography - Great photos, not too many wonky eyes from me, managed to get some lovely shots even in the wet conditions whilst hobbling around on a bad knee.

Thanks Everyone xox

So Red Robin might branch out into weddings in the near future...maybe????


Monday, 13 August 2012

I'm Still Here

Things have been very quiet recently.  But I am getting make into the crafty groove!!!!

Christmas is not so far away and it always inspires a bit of creativity.  How will you get creative this Christmas? Are you going to make you own decorations, make your own gifts, wrapping paper, gift tags?  Have you tried Upcycling?

"Upcycling" is the latest craze and can be super addictive, why not try it out for yourself.  Take something old and un-used and re-invent it into something truly unique.

Here are some Upcycled ideas:

Suitcase coffee tables - storage included
Colouring pencil necklace

Umbrella Skirt
Soft Drink Bottle Vertical Garden

Cutlery Key or Coat Hooks
Lego Lamp

I have also found this amazing blog called "How about Orange". There are some many amazing ideas on here with heaps of links to some free downloads.  What I love about this blog is that it has some many little projects which are just great for filling in a quiet weekend.

I'll post some of my Christmasy Creations as they come.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Time to get stuck back into it.

I think I need to re-invigorate my crafty self.  This year has been a very busy one...bought a house, bought a cat soon after, weddings.  So I am going to set up a sewing/crafty corner in my new house and get stuck back into it.  It has been too long.

So first little project is Handmade Therapy: Tea Wallet Tutorial a super cute little wallet that I might convert into a cute mobile phone pocket.

Lets see how I go.  Should be fun either way!!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Another Top Design

This is a top I made for myself a while ago.  I have been a bit slack posting photos of it.  But here it is.  The design is of a tree branching out across the top.

Don't forget to check out my other designs in my 'Previous Works' tab.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

My Latest

These are my latest top designs, made as Christmas Gifts for a repeat customer's sisters.  Starting price for Button Tops is $30 + postage. Contact me if you would like a Button Top for yourself or a loved one.

There are endless possible designs and each top is designed to be individual...
.....because honestly who wants to wear what everyone else is wearing.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Happy Christmas to All! Have a safe and very merry holiday.

Follow this link for the cute animated version :)

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Store Sale

I am having a bit of a Store Sale - 10% off all items.  My Madeit Store needs a bit of clean out and freshening up for new designs I plan to list in November.    Only a few items left.

New Facebook Address

You can now find me a bit easier on faceboook.

My new address is

This will make it much easier to send a link to friends and family.  Send me a link to your page or site, would love to see what everyone is up to and will pass on all links to my followers.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Sellers Picks

Check out this weeks Sellers Picks on Madeit. I have been selected for this weeks newsletter to share with you my favourite designs and designers on the Madeit website. Check it out here

Friday, 5 August 2011

One Very Happy Friday

Well I don't think my Friday could have gotten any better yesterday. I think my day really hit its peak when I received my Undiscovered Sellers Newsletter from Madeit.  After scrolling through and checking out the designers listed and seeing what wonderful creations they are sellingin their shops, I came across one designer which I wasn't expecting.  Red Robin Creations.  I had been selected to be in this weeks newsletter.  The excitement was just spilling out of me by this stage.  Not only was it overwelming to be listed in the newsletter and get the Red Robin Creations name out there, but to be listed amongst other very talented designers was truly an honour.  

Well Done and Congratulations to all the other Undiscovered Sellers.
You can see the newsletter here.

Thanks to all for your support xox

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Yep I'm still here

Hi Everyone.  Sorry things have been a bit quiet lately.  But I'm still here and still creating. I have been inspired by my fellow designers from Madeit and have been eagerly designing and testing a few new things, which I hope will be exciting additions to my shop before long.

So many ideas swirling through my head it is hard to decide which one I should do first.

Things are a bit slow at the moment as I am currently studying, or trying to study, for my Architectural Registration exam.  So fingers crossed that I pass this round of assessment so that my free time is freed up a bit more to focus on my Red Robin designs. I do enjoy having a break from study to get out the sewing kit and experiment for a bit...I just have to remember to put the sewing kit away and go back to the books...which is very hard.  But those who are also studying at the moment I would very much encourage a bit of creativity in between study to help stimulate the mind.

So watch this space and I will have some new creations very soon.  Check out my Madeit Shop for my current creations for sale now.  

Saturday, 2 July 2011

New items listed

Check out the new items listed in my Madeit Store.
  •  Brooches and hair accessories
  • Earrings
  • Paintings
  • Buttons Tops

Finders Keepers