Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Getting Button Ready

Well...things are going a bit slower than I was hoping.  So I have changed my plans a bit.  Due to delay in button supplies, sampling for 'Buttons and Fashion' has not yet begun.  Instead I have decided to start producing some artworks....button themed of course.  I'm feeling rather inspired at the moment and am looking forwrd to sharing with you all very soon.  Although, I have had to resort to my secondary stock of buttons which is a bit labour intensive as I have to remove the old bits of shirt and thread from every button.  But the effort and mess will be well worth it in the end.

For a bit of a sneak peek at what others have produced with buttons. Check out Ran Hwang.  She is a very talented Korean Artist, who also has a fascination with buttons and their very versitile appplications.  Her installation pieces absolutely amaze me.  Ok, I'm not quite at her level of work but she has definitely inspired me to give anything and all a go.

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