Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Something New

Red Robin has a Fabric Collection!!!!

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I have decided to try something new - FABRIC DESIGN!!!

We are in the midst of doing some renovations at home at the moment so my craft space has been packed up.  So this gave me the opportunity to try something I have always wanted to experiment with. Turning patterns and pictures and scribbles into a design.  

Let me say, it is so much fun!! Fabric design is in some ways similar to my Architectural day job but in other ways very very different.  So I am still developing some skills and learning about design.

I found Spoonflower, which is a huge collection of designs uploaded by some very wonderful designers.  It gives you free range to design what you like, and not just fabric, but wallpaper, wrapping paper and decals.  


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  1. very nice - cluster city says "you" in a big way