Saturday, 28 September 2013

Weekend Projects

New decor for our newly renovated house

We have recently had the floors polished in our house.  This was a big project.  Preparing the floors, removing old carpet, fixing floor boards and the dreaded packing up of the entire house.

It is now great to be back in our home.  The polished floors look wonderful and have taken 30yrs off the age of the house.  We are so happy with the results.

Now that we have finished this major project and moved most of our stuff back into the house, I felt it was finally time to put some personal touches into our new home.

Our Bedroom!!

My first project was to decorate our bedroom.  Previously our bedroom was a bit of a mess - sometimes a huge mess.  I wanted to improve the bedrooms vibe - make it cosy and somewhere for us.

I found some very simple decorating ideas to help with our bedroom situation.

1. Walls

Our walls are completely white or off white.  I wanted to add a bit of an interest point in the room.  My first thought was to paint the room - but who has time and I didn't want to risk spilling paint on the new floors. So instead I opted for a wall decal. Ebay is wonderful!  I found the kind of decal we were after from a seller in Sydney - follow this link.  The best part about wall decals is that if we get a bit bored with it, it can simply be removed without too much fuss.

2. Bed

I have never found a quilt cover I have been happy with - either too feminine or too guyish or just not right. So I thought why not make my own.  I found a link on Pinterest which led me to a great quilt idea.  A simple pin-tuck quilt.  Simple but just a bit of texture for interest. Follow this link to find the instructions.

3. Get the cloths off the floor

I don't know about you, but I have a habit of when I get changed or undressed, I tend to leave the clothes where they land - the floor.  The clothes basket in the bathroom seems too far away (3m is a long way late at night) and I can't be bother opening up the wardrobe to put them away if they don't need washing.  Simple solution - clothes rack.  It simply sits in the corner and does its job - holds you clothes for you.  We got ours from Howard's Storage World.  A bit expensive but worth it!  

4. The Results

A touch of Colour

As you may know from previous posts, I have started to design fabric.  It is still early days for me, but I thought I would take one of my designs for a bit of a road test and experiment with mix/match patterns.  My project was to add a bit of colour to our living room.  What better way than a couple of throw cushions.

I some  very simple instructions for cushion covers via Pinterest.  Follow this link to find the instructions.

Within 90mins I had made three feature cushions for our living area.  The colours match in great with our vivid blue Penang chair and look great against our chocolate brown couch.

Fabrics were selected form Spoonflower.

Tardis - From Plumcuckoo

Yellow Fabirc - From Tango and James which is no longer available :(

Granit Sett - From RedRobin - My own design :)

The overall effect is very pleasing.  Its nice to have made something yourself. Much more satisfying than buying off the shelf.

Don't forget to check out my Spoonflower Shop.  More designs will be available soon.

Now I shall have a week to think about what my next weekend project will be...and it will be a long weekend too so even more time to fill with fun projects!!!

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  1. its looking good Maree, love the cushions you made